BG(2)EE Identifiers

Objects can be split broadly into three categories; static objects, marked objects and object specifiers. Static objects (e.g. Player1, MySelf) are always bound (and in fact, they always return the same creature). Marked objects (e.g. LastSeenBy, LastAttackerOf) are almost always bound. Object specifiers (e.g. [ENEMY.0.0.MAGE] are not bound - they are checked every time they are referenced. Objects listed in objects.ids are marked objects and are not saved over game sessions. Note that Group objects are determined by the specifics value set in the creature file (0x274).

NB. Nearest() identifiers cascade outwards, i.e. if there are only three valid creatures, FourthNearest() and above will return the third nearest creature (rather than false).

IDS V1.0
0 Nothing

Returns the active creature.

2 LeaderOf
3 GroupOf

Returns the weakest player character (in the party).

Returns the strongest player character (in the party).

Returns the most damaged player character (in the party).

Returns the least damaged player character (in the party).

8 ProtectedBy
9 ProtectorOf

Returns the creature that last inflicted physical damage on the active creature.

11 LastTargetedBy

Returns the nearest creature of opposite allegiance.

13 LastCommandedBy

Returns the nearest visible creature - usually the active creature.

15 LastHitter
16 LastHelp

Returns the last creature that activated the active trigger region.

Set by See() and Detect(), not by Exists() or Range().

Returns the last creature that has been targeted by StartDialogue() or similar actions.

Returns the last creature that triggered a Help() or Shout() action.

21 Player1
22 Player2
23 Player3
24 Player4
25 Player5
26 Player6

Synonymous with Player1.

Returns the strongest male player character (in the party).

29 SecondNearestEnemyOf
30 ThirdNearestEnemyOf
31 FourthNearestEnemyOf
32 FifthNearestEnemyOf
33 SixthNearestEnemyOf
34 SeventhNearestEnemyOf
35 EighthNearestEnemyOf
36 NinthNearestEnemyOf
37 TenthNearestEnemyOf
38 SecondNearest
39 ThirdNearest
40 FourthNearest
41 FifthNearest
42 SixthNearest
43 SeventhNearest
44 EighthNearest
45 NinthNearest
46 TenthNearest

Returns the player character (in the party) with the highest AC.

Returns the player character (in the party) with the lowest AC.

Returns the character who summoned the active creature.

It auto-populates the EA field of the object selector and immediately evaluates it, so it's useless to define the EA manually.

51 SecondNearestEnemyOfType
52 ThirdNearestEnemyOfType
53 FourthNearestEnemyOfType
54 FifthNearestEnemyOfType
55 SixthNearestEnemyOfType
56 SeventhNearestEnemyOfType
57 EigthNearestEnemyOfType
57 EighthNearestEnemyOfType
58 NinthNearestEnemyOfType
59 TenthNearestEnemyOfType

It auto-populates the SPECIFIC field of the object selector and immediately evaluates it, so it's useless to define the SPECIFIC manually.

61 SecondNearestMyGroupOfType
62 ThirdNearestMyGroupOfType
63 FourthNearestMyGroupOfType
64 FifthNearestMyGroupOfType
65 SixthNearestMyGroupOfType
66 SeventhNearestMyGroupOfType
67 EigthNearestMyGroupOfType
67 EighthNearestMyGroupOfType
68 NinthNearestMyGroupOfType
69 TenthNearestMyGroupOfType

Returns the player in the first portrait slot.

71 Player2Fill
72 Player3Fill
73 Player4Fill
74 Player5Fill
75 Player6Fill

Returns the nearest closed door (does not detect secret doors, or locked doors).

77 SecondNearestDoor
78 ThirdNearestDoor
79 FourthNearestDoor
80 FifthNearestDoor
81 SixthNearestDoor
82 SeventhNearestDoor
83 EighthNearestDoor
84 NinthNearestDoor
85 TenthNearestDoor
86 PartySlot1
87 PartySlot2
88 PartySlot3
89 PartySlot4
90 PartySlot5
91 PartySlot6

Returns the familiar creature if present.

Returns the summoner of the current familiar.

94 LastKilled

Returns the nearest creature of same allegiance.

96 SecondNearestAllyOf
97 ThirdNearestAllyOf
98 FourthNearestAllyOf
99 FifthNearestAllyOf
100 SixthNearestAllyOf
101 SeventhNearestAllyOf
102 EighthNearestAllyOf
103 NinthNearestAllyOf
104 TenthNearestAllyOf

Returns the farthest enemy within visual range of the active creature.

106 SecondFarthestEnemyOf
107 ThirdFarthestEnemyOf
108 FourthFarthestEnemyOf
109 FifthFarthestEnemyOf
110 SixthFarthestEnemyOf
111 SeventhFarthestEnemyOf
112 EighthFarthestEnemyOf
113 NinthFarthestEnemyOf
114 TenthFarthestEnemyOf