INI file format

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General Description
This file format is the standard INI format. It is text based, split into sections (marked with square bacres [ and ]) with attributes and values listed under each section, separated by an equals sign. Some game configuration settings are stored in INI files, though their use in-game is limited to creature spawning, quest/variable management and the PST bestiary.

Detailed Description
Each INI file is attached to an area, based on the filename e.g. ar0513.ini is attached to ar0513.are.
There are the following sections in these files:

Unknown. Left blank in all example files.

Responsible for spawning creatures.
This feature of [spawn_main] assigns the identifier name_of_section1 to the action of entering area by player.
This feature of [spawn_main] assigns the identifier name_of_section2 to the action in general. It means that the appearance of this effect may be controlled either by variable identifier (if included in spawned creatures definitions) or by timer that is set in description of assigned identifier.
Later file contains of the identifiers definitions that were assigned in [spawn_main] section.

Section starts by its identifier
critters= cre1,cre2,...
This assigns spawned creatures identifiers to the [name_of_section1] section. Creatures identifiers will be used later as the names of appropriate section names.
interval= integer number
Time interval before creatures from [name_of_section1] will be spawned. Time is counted in relation 1 minute (of real or game time ?) = 900.
The similar definition is given in case of [name_of_section2] or other sections defined by user in [spawn_main] section.
At last spawned creatures identifier definitions.

Name of identifier used in previous events definitions is the name of section.
Then there are several options:
spec = [xxx.yyy.zzz.vvv.qqq]
xxx, yyy, zzz, vvv, qqq - integer numbers  - I have no idea what do they mean
spec_qty = integer number 
some number,  I have seen only value 1, usage unknown,
spec_var = name_of_variable
Name_of_variable is just global variable that may be used in area script to trigger the event occurrence (spawning creatures). I have no idea if it works only if variable is not zero or it have to be set to 1
cre_file = CRE_file_name
File name of CRE file without extension that is used for spawned creatures.
Script_default = script_name.
Sets the default script for spawned creature named script_name.
ai_specifics = integer number
usage unknown, uses values assigned by SPECIFIC.IDS
spawn_point = [xxxx.yyyy:z]
xxxx - is x position on the area
yyyy - is y position on the area
z - is the face direction of spawned creature.