Update History

August 2016
Argent77 updated BG(2)EE files to support bgee2 too and fixed errors
All further updates are visible through the git log here.

02 December 2012
Updated CRE file based on Beamdog information
Updated ITM file based on Beamdog information
Updated SPL file based on Beamdog information
Updated ARE file based on Beamdog information
Updated PRO file based on Beamdog information
Updated VVC file based on Beamdog information
Updated WED file based on Beamdog information
Updated WMP file based on Beamdog information
Updated GAM file based on Beamdog information
Added BAM V2, MOS V2 file formats
Corrected link to VEF file format
Added BGEE resource type codes
Added CLUA usage for BG:EE
Clarified usage of TimerExpired in dialogs
Added information on the override directory structure used by BGEE
Minor TotL trigger updates
IWD2 ARE Door flags updated

22nd April 2012
Updated references to '(rect) bounding box' to be more explicit
Updated WFX file format (corrected unused length)
Clarified xor encryption text
IWD2 CRE: Fade in out fields, spec flag fields
ARE (all): Region flags, (IWD2): Actor updates
MYAREA substitution limitations
ITM V1: THAC0 bonus notes
Documented default Bard Song effects
Effect #20 - noted to hit penalty
VEF - added VEF format description
TOT - completed file description
Various script notes added
Updated BG2 trap list

30th January 2012
Clarified OnCreation() trigger text
Minor corrections to PRO offets
Minor corrections to ARE projectile section
Minor corrections to CHU files (including button control)
Clarified Difficulty() and CheckPartyAverageLevel() triggers
Reworded AREA variable information in the Variables appendix
Minor corrections to ARE files
PST ITM/SPL 'Friendly' bit
STO v1 unintention identification flag via infinate flag
Note on GroupAttack() action and InMyGroup() trigger
Updated BG2 opcode #300
Updated PST damage opcode
Fixed typo's on BG2 Triggers page
Fixed typo's on BG2 svtriob.ids page
Update ARE file spec - PST region sound
Minor opcode update - PST #195
Updated PST actions - noted various NOP actions and added action descriptions
Noted IWD scrlev.ids differences
EFF First Apply field
UseItemSlot ability number overloads
Item v2 - added primary / secondary type
Updated IWD2 opcodes

10th October 2010
All: Minor opcode updates/clarifications
BG2:ToB Paladin/Ranger casting level
IWD2: Feeblemind opcode
ALL: SPL/ITM extended header target type 3
PST: Opcodes 0x16 Luck, 0x19 Poison Target, 0x4E Disease Target
ALL: GAM NumTimesInteracted NPC Count
ALL: BAM compression
ALL: ARE doors
IWD2: CRE death variables
BG2: HasImmunityEffects & HasBounceEffects clarified
BG2: VVC info
BG2: WFX info

04th September 2009
Integrated information from the update board.
  • Added appendix on BG2 kit restriction fields
  • Updated interact.2da
  • Removed DLG 1.09, amended DLG 1.0
  • Updated PST actions
  • Updated ARE flags (PST)
  • Updated BG1/BG2 sndslot.ids/sndoff.ids
  • Updated ITM and SPL images
  • Updated ITM V1.1
  • BG2 trigger IsGabber() description updated
  • IWD1 action Rest() description updated
  • IWD1 action RestParty() description updated
  • ARE - note another 'visible' field in the actor block
  • ARE V1 - updated projectile block
  • CRE - correction on the storing of levels for dual/multi class characters
  • CRE - item expiry information
  • CRE V1.2 - corrected length of unknown at 0x270 to 36 bytes
  • EFF - added V1 info
  • GM - added V2.2 info
  • CRE V2.2 - note the kit field is a bitfield (to allow multi-kit characters)
  • PRO - updated spark flags, AoE flags, general flags
  • SPL V1 - added non-magical ability bit
  • VVC file format - added Overlay Lighten bit
  • Updated BG2 0xe8 opcode
  • Updated BG2 0x298 opcode
  • Corrected BG1/BG2 hpx.2da description
  • Corrected BG1/BG2/IWD2 layands.2da description
  • Corrected BG2 effect 0x05 description
  • Noted the highest opcode in IWD
  • Noted precedence of hotkeys (Keymap.ini > HotKey())
  • Noted on effect 112 RemoveItem
  • Notes on HasItem() trigger and container items
  • Various other updates
NB. It is highly recommened to visit the IESDP update board for the very latest information.

04th May 2008
Several minor updates around the IESDP to correct errors that crept in with the last update, and to integrate some information from the update forum.
  • Added PST IDS files
  • BAM format
  • ITM damage types
  • Time triggers
  • Neither Move Silently and Hide in Shadows prevent creature being detected via Detect()
  • Nearest() only returns visible creatures (except is detect invisible is applied).
  • Detect() ignores Protection from Creature Type for static objects.
  • Portrait change opcode ignores duration.
  • Added timing mode appendix.
  • Fixed minor errors in ARE formats.
NB. It is highly recommened to visit the IESDP update board for the very latest information.

12th April 2008
The IESDP site has been redesigned. A navigation bar has been added to all pages, to ease navigation. The online IESDP is now searchable, via the power of google search. Scripting actions and file formats have been rewritten. Typing and spelling errors have been corrected, as have several bad links. Information on the IE has also been updated, a partial list is presented below.
  • PLT format
  • BMP format
  • CRE format
  • EFF format
  • ITM format
  • Opcode 0x103
  • Opcode 0x43
  • Opcode 0x8e
  • Opcode 0xe9
  • Opcode 0x2a
  • Opcode 0x49
  • Opcode 0x35
  • Opcode 0xd9
  • Opcode 0x62
  • CLUA console
  • AreaType trigger
  • Combat counter
NB. It is highly recommened to visit the IESDP update board for the very latest information.

21st August 2007
Opcode updates (various engines):
BG2 actions example scripts updated
IWD2 matchhp action
PersonalSpaceDistance is exact, not greater than
IWD2 createcreature action
IWD2 creature - enchantment level
Added IWD1 area listing
Expanded BG1 area listing (BGT, Tutu)
File formats
DamageTakenGT trigger
Minor EFF clarification
Updated helm descriptions (ITM 1.0)
BG1 ITM min req.
IWD2 cre - another death variable
IWD2 cre updates - hidden, _DEAD fields
IWD1 cre updates - hidden, _DEAD fields
IWD1/iwd2 cre KILL_<scriptname>_CNT
IWD2 cre intoxication field
IWD2 cre BAB
IWD2 xp gained
PRO file format, targe selection bits
profs.2da : rate = 0 > crash at char-gen
IWD2 xplevel.2da
Attack styles
Grammer, typo's and other misc. updates

NB. It is highly recommened to visit the IESDP update board for the very latest information.

12th July 2006
PST opcodes:
195, 196, 207
PST CRE Overlay section
PST 2da files:
Note on variable name length (32 char)
NearestDoor note (nearest closed door)
AddAreaType is OR'd
SetBeenInPartyFlags - sets the BeenInParty flag
SoundActivate action confirmed
StartDialogue() supposition
No effect
ExitPocketPlane() updated
CreateCreature*Copy usage1 parameter
CHU button clarifications
ARE ambient flag clarifications
ARE animation flag clarifications
GAM 2.0 updates
Minor MUS file updates
Many opcodes updates and clarifications

NB. It is highly recommened to visit the IESDP update board for the very latest information.

29th April 2006
Corrected links for RND*.2da files (ToB)
Added information on arealink.2da
0x0002 field (spell slots after effects)
BG1 unsellable flag
Animations -> Height field
Doors -> Region link
Projectile traps section
Position fields
Added several BG1 Actions
Details Reaction triggers
Clarified PuppetType/PuppetID
Clarified 'untested' and 'crash' descriptions
Poison Resistance opcode is a SET only
Magic Resistance cumulative setting clarification (BG1)
260 Remove Specific Spell Protection

NB. It is highly recommened to visit the IESDP update board for the very latest information.

18th December 2005
There are still probably some dead internal links around.
Latest updates:

kitlist.2da updates.
rndXXX.2da files documented

Avatar naming scheme updates
Added decimal numbers for colour gradients
CLUA -> Ctrl + D numbers seem to be framerate related?
Expanded BG2 kit abilites (Druid)
Fixed images (case-sensitive server)
Multiple saving throws specified, target checks against best save
Noted that object identifiers are generally not saved over game sessions.
Pruned links page

Teleport to Target opcode (BG2)
Clarified Wild Magic opcode #281 description (BG2)

File Formats
ARE Animation Fields
ARE Song entries
ARE Door flags
ARE Info Point dialog is PST only
CRE IWD/IWD2 ITM section 'undroppable' bit is 'magical' bit
CRE IWD updates
CRE Actor enumation fields
EFF Noted Timing? and Variable? fields
EFF General updates
SPL 'Not in combat' bit position updated
STO V9 steal/donate flags updated
ITM general clarifications
VVC sequence flags updates

Calm() does indeed reverse Panic()
ChangeAnimation() (BG2)
ChangeStat() (IWD2)
DialogInterrupt() scripting action clarifications
EnablePortalTravel/ActivatePortalCursor updates (PST)
FakeEffectsExpiryCheck() (BG2)
NoAction() clarifications
Slight clarification of Turn()
StartMusic() action
Cannot ActionOverride on a token set by SetTokenObject()

NB. It is highly recommened to visit the IESDP update board for the very latest information.

2nd July 2005
There are still probably some dead internal links around.
Latest updates:

Fixed link to bg1 opcodes(!)
Updated actions, object definitions

Improved spelling / grammar
Improved invisibility does not provide saving throw bonuses
Updated bg2 opcodes (309)

IncrementGlobal doesn't do locals
Confirmed name trigger uses scriptname (not strref name)
147 RemoveSpellRES(S:Spell*)
0x00A1 SpellCastOnMeRES(S:Spell*,O:Caster*)
0x0091 SpellCastRES(S:Spell*,O:Object*)
0x00A6 SpellCastPriestRES(S:Spell*,O:Object*)
0x00A7 SpellCastInnateRES(S:Spell*,O:Object*)
NumTimesTalkedTo updates
Trigger() trigger, Sendtrigger() action

File Formats
Map notes struct updated
Quick items/quick spells
0x027c / 0x027e Observations
Confirmation of spell memorised
Flag suppositions
Internal field (iwd2)
Saved location (iwd2)
Secondary death var (iwd1)
Stored locations struct + weather field
Fixed spell exclusion bits
Corrected fields around 0x88
NB. It is highly recommened to visit the IESDP update board for the very latest information.

10th April 2005
The IESDP is now hosted by The Gibberlings Three (and has been for some time). There are still probably some dead internal links around.
Latest updates:
Action + triggers updates + typo's (inc. SetSaveLocation & MoveToSaveLocation)
BG1 songlist (IE formats -> mus)
Common state.ids shortcuts
Corrected kit.ids
CLUA updates (BG2, IWD2)
Minor updates to .dat files
File formats
are file updates (actor flags)
cre file updates (PST XP fields)
cre 2.2 file added
pro file updates (minor)
sto file updates (quality bits)
vvc file updates (3rd anim sequence)
wfx file updates
wmp file updates (link entry)

07th September 2003
Site redesigned, reformatted, updated & streamlined. There are probably a few dead links around the place, these will slowly be cleared up, as the update continues.

Finally IESDP came to some updates ;) and also it has been moved back to the place where it was located previously ;) : TeamBG.com . As for updates there are some small clarification added in various sections of the site. Studies and stuff like working caused that I had not enough time to focus on updating IESDP previously.

Another small update, mainly by stuff from TBG boards. Effects, some scripting stuff. Unfortunately because of my RL updates are really less frequent than it was in the past.
Another news is that IESDP is 1 year old ;)~ . I created it one year ago on the Worldzone server as part of my site about IE editing . Later thanks to many contributors and friends from TBG and other places ... and also nameless contributors ;) IESDP has been growing up ;) gathering more and more data useful for modders ;)
I think I will still maintain IESDP and discover new stuff when time will allow me ;) and update by stuff discovered by others.

Next update, some contributions in file types ( ARE, ITM, STO for example ) also some small corrections in effects section and in 2DAs ... more things will be updated soon.

Today next update, in mean time I have changed banners and background of the site ... also still have to find time to work on merged version with TeamBG site. For now there are one update in ARE, some updates in Scripting and Effects .

The IESDP has been updated again, several less important updates in various sections - effects, 2DAs, some updates in CRE file format.

The site has been again updated, new banners made for IESDP and totally new organization of effects section introduced. The IESDP will be also added to TeamBG as one of integral parts of it, but the existing version that may be downloaded will be continued.

Finally ! after so long time there has been made next update of IESDP . It seems that new year brought some fresh changes here. and finally some of the not uncovered things were found out like MVE format that will be not described however or some other formats including VAR format, more details about other formats. There will be also changes in site layout - new banners for example.

Several new updates. The IESDP will be for now probably established on Brinkster server.

Generally site was totally redesigned and really updated by a lot of new info. Problems on IE scene forced me to upload IESDP into another place.
Also there are added a lot of new information like numerous tutorials about IE features editing.

Some updates in ARE, WED, TIS formats as well as several changes in 2DAs section, added tutorial how to manage walls attributes using hex editor. Site redesigned again a little, new title added and banner project.

KFU format included on TeamBG formats lists with description, I have also redesigned appearance of site.

Updated overlays list descriptions.

TIS and WED formats updates - significant discoveries on Overlays functioning and doors handling, the rest of WED file verified and some Wall groups information added for clarification.

Next WED description update. Some updates about PST 2DAs in 2DAs section and also some INI files updates.

WED Overlays research continued - added description of managing them in Tutorials section

Verification of WED and update of ARE format.

Because of some technical problems with my hardware the 16.09.01 update was never uploaded and now there will be some more new things in this release of IESDP. Today several various updates, I have updated mine tutorial, added Potencius's wallgroups editing description and added several other new data in file formats, 2DA section, scripting, and effects.

Minor updates of various sections. My personal involvement in research work will be probably smaller for now (so there will be no more frequent updates - I expect next one either in case of any significant discovery or somewhere in October or November), because of my own work on Add-on for BG2 ToB. That is why I ask for any help to make research for other IE games not described with enough details.
There is only possibility that I may publish here parts of my own internal mod notes about various technical aspects of MODs making
I will be updating IESDP by information posted on IESR unless there are some specific requests to analyze something that I would do myself.

Added page counter, more descriptions of 2DA files, TOT ,TOH, INI, RES described and updated. Started making CHR description - not finished and not valid so far - any corrections appreciated.

Major update of Effects section / and minor in scripting section

more 2DAs described

more 2DAs described

more 2DAs described

More 2DAs described

more 2DA/IDS info, two new sections :Opcodes/TeamBG

added new data to 2DA/IDS/File format sections

2001 August
Changed the appearance of IESDP, added new sections : 2DA, TeamBG, IDS/scripting, Effects

2001 July
Whole IEFFHP and partially TeamBG struct lists incorporated into IESDP. Significant new discoveries made in various file formats

First offline version of IESDP released.

2001 June
First parts of IESDP made - Area making tutorial, updated ARE/WMP descriptions, started gathering information about discoveries between June 2001 and December 2000

One of first IESDP releases

2000 December
Last update of IEFFHP

2000 Release of IWD
BGFFHP changed its name to IEFFHP. Last version of TeamBG struct lists made

1998/1999 Beginnings of BGFFHP . More formats described.

Release of Baldur's Gate 1998
Ken Baker made his first Character Control - formats analysis started by decoding CHR. Start of Customization scene and TeamBG.