PST Identifiers

Objects can be split broadly into three categories; static objects, marked objects and object specifiers. Static objects (e.g. Player1, MySelf) are always bound (and in fact, they always return the same creature). Marked objects (e.g. LastSeenBy, LastAttackerOf) are almost always bound. Object specifiers (e.g. [ENEMY.0.0.MAGE] are not bound - they are checked every time they are referenced. Objects listed in objects.ids are marked objects and are not saved over game sessions. Note that Group objects are determined by the specifics value set in the creature file (0x274).

0 Nothing
1 Myself
2 LeaderOf
3 GroupOf

Returns the weakest player character (in the party).

Returns the strongest player character (in the party).

6 MostDamagedOf
Only detects party members. If no one is injured, it will apparently go after anything with less hitpoints.

Returns the least damaged player character (in the party).

8 ProtectedBy
9 ProtectorOf

Returns the creature that last inflicted physical damage on the active creature.

11 LastTargetedBy

12 NearestEnemyOf
Returns the nearest visible enemy of the target creature.

13 LastCommandedBy

14 Nearest
Returns the nearest visible creature - usually the active creature.

15 LastHitter
16 LastHelp
17 LastTrigger
18 LastSeenBy
19 LastTalkedToBy
20 LastHeardBy
21 Player1
22 Player2
23 Player3
24 Player4
25 Player5
26 Player6
27 Protagonist

Returns the strongest male player character (in the party).

29 Marked
30 SelectedCharacter