KFU File Format

Applies to:

General Description
This file format describes data to be added to chitin.key and dialog.tlk.

Detailed Description

Offset Size (data type) Description
0x0000 4(char array) Signature
0x0004 4(char array) Version
0x0008 4(dword) Count of BIFF entries
0x000c 4(dword) Offset to BIFF entries
0x0010 4(dword) Count of strrefs to add to dialog.tlk
0x0014 4(dword) Offset to strref entries

Offset Datatype Description
0x0000 4(dword) Size of BIFF
0x0004 4(dword) Length of filename
0x0008 4(dword) Offset to filename
0x000c 4(dword) Count of resources
0x0010 4(dword) Offset to resources

Offset Datatype Description
0x0000 8(resref) Resource name
0x0008 2(word) Resource type

Offset Datatype Description
0x0000 4(dword) Length of string
0x0004 4(dword) Offset to string
0x0008 4(dword) Offset in BIFF file to change to new strref
0x000c 4(dword) Bif Index