IWD:TotL SPL Files List


SPWI101 Grease
SPWI102 Armor
SPWI103 Burning Hands
SPWI104 Charm Person
SPWI105 Colour Spray
SPWI107 Friends
SPWI108 Protection from Petrification
SPWI110 Identify
SPWI111 Infravision
SPWI112 Magic Missile
SPWI113 Protection from Evil
SPWI114 Shield
SPWI115 Shocking Grasp
SPWI116 Sleep
SPWI117 Chill Touch
SPWI118 Chromatic Orb
SPWI119 Larloch's Minor Drain
SPWI201 Blur
SPWI202 Detect Evil
SPWI203 Detect Invisibility
SPWI205 Horror
SPWI206 Invisibility
SPWI207 Knock
SPWI208 Know Alignment
SPWI209 Luck
SPWI210 Resist Fear
SPWI211 Melf's Acid Arrow
SPWI212 Mirror Image
SPWI213 Stinking Cloud
SPWI214 Strength
SPWI215 Web
SPWI217 Agannazar's Scorcher
SPWI218 Ghoul Touch
SPWI219 Vocalise
SPWI220 Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
SPWI221 Decastave
SPWI222 Blindness
SPWI223 Cats Grace
SPWI302 Dispel Magic
SPWI303 Flame Arrow
SPWI304 Fireball
SPWI305 Haste
SPWI306 Hold Person
SPWI308 Lightning Bolt
SPWI309 Monster Summoning I
SPWI310 Non-Detection
SPWI311 Protection from Normal Missiles
SPWI312 Slow
SPWI313 Skull Trap
SPWI314 Vampiric Touch
SPWI316 Dire Charm
SPWI317 Ghost Armor
SPWI318 Icelance
SPWI319 Lance of Disruption
SPWI401 Confusion
SPWI402 Dimension Door
SPWI404 Ice Storm
SPWI405 Improved Invisibility
SPWI406 Minor Globe of Invulneribility
SPWI407 Monster Summoning II
SPWI408 Stoneskin
SPWI410 Remove Curse
SPWI411 Emotion: Hopelessness
SPWI412 Greater Malison
SPWI413 Otilukes Resilient Sphere
SPWI414 Spirit Armor
SPWI417 Beltyns Burning Blood
SPWI418 Shadow Monsters
SPWI419 Emotion: Courage
SPWI420 Emotion: Fear
SPWI421 Emotion: Hope
SPWI422 Mordenkainen's Force Missiles
SPWI423 Shout
SPWI424 Vitriolic Sphere
SPWI501 Animate Dead
SPWI503 Cloudkill
SPWI504 Cone of Cold
SPWI505 Monster Summoing III
SPWI507 Domination
SPWI508 Hold Monster
SPWI509 Chaos
SPWI510 Feeblemind
SPWI511 Shroud of Flame
SPWI512 Demi-shadow Monsters
SPWI513 Summon Shadow
SPWI514 Conjure Fire Elemental
SPWI515 Conjure Earth Elemental
SPWI516 Conjure Water Elemental
SPWI517 Contact Other Plane
SPWI518 Lower Resistance
SPWI519 Sunfire
SPWI601 Antimagic Shell
SPWI605 Death Fog
SPWI606 Death Spell
SPWI607 Disintegrate
SPWI608 Globe of Invulnerability
SPWI609 Invisible Stalker
SPWI610 Lich Touch
SPWI611 Monster Summoning IV
SPWI612 Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
SPWI613 Shades
SPWI614 Stone to Flesh
SPWI615 Flesh to Stone
SPWI616 Tensors Transformation
SPWI617 Power Word Silence
SPWI618 Dars of Bone
SPWI619 Soul Eater
SPWI620 Trollish Fortitude
SPWI702 Finger of Death
SPWI703 Monster Summoning V
SPWI704 Mordenkainen's Sword
SPWI705 Power Word Stun
SPWI706 Prismatic Spray
SPWI707 Malavon's Rage
SPWI708 Acid Storm
SPWI709 Mass Invisibility
SPWI710 Seven Eyes
SPWI711 Suffocate
SPWI802 Incendiary Cloud
SPWI803 Monster Summoning VI
SPWI804 Mind Blank
SPWI805 Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
SPWI806 Great Shout
SPWI807 Iron Body
SPWI808 Power Word Blind
SPWI902 Monster Summoning VII
SPWI903 Power Word Kill
SPWI904 Malavon's Corrosive Fog

SPPR101 Bless
SPPR102 Command
SPPR103 Cure Light Wounds
SPPR104 Detect Evil
SPPR105 Entangle
SPPR106 Magic Stone
SPPR107 Protection from Evil
SPPR108 Remove Fear
SPPR109 Sanctuary
SPPR110 Shillelagh
SPPR111 Curse
SPPR112 Cause Light Wounds
SPPR113 Sunscorch
SPPR201 Aid
SPPR202 Barkskin
SPPR203 Chant
SPPR204 Charm Person or Mammal
SPPR205 Find Traps
SPPR206 Flame Blade
SPPR207 Goodberries
SPPR208 Hold Person
SPPR209 Know Alignment
SPPR210 Resist Fire/Cold
SPPR211 Silence 15' Radius
SPPR212 Slow Person
SPPR213 Spiritual Hammer
SPPR214 Cure Moderate Wounds
SPPR215 Draw Upon Holy Might
SPPR216 Alicorn Lance
SPPR217 Beast Claw
SPPR218 Cause Moderate Wounds
SPPR301 Animate Dead
SPPR302 Call Lightning
SPPR303 Dispel Magic
SPPR304 Glyph of Warding
SPPR305 Hold Animal
SPPR306 Protection from Fire
SPPR307 Remove Curse
SPPR308 Remove Paralysis
SPPR309 Invisibility Purge
SPPR310 Miscast Magic
SPPR311 Rigid Thinking
SPPR312 Strength of One
SPPR313 Prayer
SPPR314 Cure Disease
SPPR315 Cause Disease
SPPR316 Exaltation
SPPR318 Moonblade
SPPR319 Circle of Bones
SPPR320 Spike Growth
SPPR321 Cloudburst
SPPR322 Mod Touch
SPPR323 Storm Shell
SPPR324 Holy Smite
SPPR325 Unholy Blight
SPPR401 Cure Serious Wounds
SPPR402 Animal Summoning I
SPPR403 Free Action
SPPR404 Neutralize Poison
SPPR405 Mental Dominaion
SPPR406 Defensive Harmony
SPPR407 Protection from Lightning
SPPR408 Protection from Evil 10' Radius
SPPR409 Cloak of Fear
SPPR410 Giant Insect
SPPR411 Produce Fire
SPPR412 Static Charge
SPPR414 Recitation
SPPR415 Blood Rage
SPPR416 Cause Serious Wounds
SPPR417 Cloud of Pestilence
SPPR418 Poison
SPPR420 Star Metal Cudgel
SPPR421 Smashing Wave
SPPR422 Thorn Spray
SPPR423 Wall of Moonlight
SPPR501 Animal Summoning II
SPPR502 Cure Critical Wounds
SPPR503 Flame Strike
SPPR504 Raise Dead
SPPR507 Champions Strength
SPPR508 Chaotic Commands
SPPR510 Insect Plague
SPPR511 Righteous Wrath of the Faithful
SPPR512 Spike Stones
SPPR513 Cause Critical Wounds
SPPR514 Shield of Lathlander
SPPR515 Slay Living
SPPR516 Undead Ward
SPPR517 Animal Rage
SPPR518 Greater Command
SPPR519 Magic Resistance
SPPR602 Animal Summoning III
SPPR605 Conjure Fire Elemental
SPPR606 Fire Seeds
SPPR607 Heal
SPPR608 Sol's Searing Orb
SPPR609 Entropy Shield
SPPR610 Blade Barrier
SPPR611 Harm
SPPR612 Spiritual Wrath
SPPR613 Whirlwind
SPPR702 Conjure Earth Elemental
SPPR704 Creeping Doom
SPPR705 Fire Storm
SPPR707 Sunray
SPPR709 Confusion
SPPR712 Resurrection
SPPR714 Symbol of Pain
SPPR715 Symbol of Hopelessness
SPPR716 Impervious Sanctity of Mind
SPPR717 Destruction
SPPR718 Greater Sheild of Lathlander
SPPR719 Earthquake
SPPR720 Mist of Eldath
SPPR721 Holy Word
SPPR722 Unholy Word
SPPR723 Stalker