Override Folders

Several folders in the main game directory can be used as override folders. The following folders have this function, and are prioritised in the listed order:
  1. Characters (overrides all others)
  2. Portrait
  3. Sounds
  4. Scripts
  5. Override (overridden by all others)

Enhanced Edition games support additional override folders located in the language or user profile directory:
  1. home:/movies (overrides all others)
  2. home:/characters
  3. home:/portraits
  4. home:/sounds
  5. home:/scripts
  6. home:/override
  7. install:/lang/xx_YY/movies
  8. install:/movies
  9. install:/characters
  10. install:/portraits
  11. install:/lang/xx_YY/sounds
  12. install:/sounds
  13. install:/scripts
  14. install:/override (overridden by all others)
Where install: indicates the installation folder and home: the user profile folder of the game. The lang folder used by the game is dictated by the current language.

The game's profile folder name is defined by the entry "engine_name" in the file engine.lua, which can be found in the game's installation folder. It defaults to "Infinity Engine - Enhanced Edition" if the folder name has not been defined. Crash dump files will always be placed into that folder.