CLUA Console

Activating the Console
The cheats were disabled in Planescape and can easily crash the game. You can reenable them by installing Bubb's enabler mod.
Press 'L' to activate the cheat panel.

Cheat Keys
Press 'L' to activate the cheat panel. By default this is the "Location" hotkey, so if you remapped it to something else, press that key instead.

Using the Console
Move the selected characters to the area specified by <string>.

The full command list follows, though a lot of them just crash and the parameters haven't been verified (compare to BG2):
  • addtime
  • armageddon
  • changestats
  • checkvar
  • cpuid
  • createcreature
  • createitem
  • enablecheatkeys
  • explorearea
  • exploremapchunk
  • fixengineroom
  • givepartyexp
  • givepartygold
  • mortedialog
  • movetopoint
  • playsound
  • queryvideomode
  • reputationinc
  • restorevars
  • savevars
  • setglobal
  • setmorale
  • setnamelessclass
  • setpickpockets
  • setrunscale
  • setvar
  • setwalkscale
  • shazam
  • strrefoff
  • strrefon
  • triggernometry
  • unexplorearea