CLUA Console

Activating the Console (IWD2)
Open the Icewind2.ini file (located in the IWD installaion directory).
Find the line [Game Options] and add the text Cheats=1 underneath.
Create a new game / load a save game.
Press ctrl and tab together.
CLUA commands can be entered in the editing area that appears at the bottom of the screen.
Commands must be prefixed with ctrlaltdelete:

Cheat Keys
After using the ctrlaltdelete:EnableCheatKeys() command the following cheat keys are activated.
CTRL+1    Change armor level animation
CTRL+2    Fade screen to black
CTRL+3    Fade screen to normal
CTRL+4    Highlight background-interactive objects
CTRL+6    Change avatar animation previous
CTRL+7    Change avatar animation next
CTRL+8    Highlights the text boxes
CTRL+9    Highlight the sprites
CTRL+0    Unknown
CTRL+A    Animation avatar (see CTRL+S)
CTRL+C    Jump to next chapter
CTRL+D    Display some numbers (framerate related?)
CTRL+E    Remove the fog of war from the current area
CTRL+F    Turn the character
CTRL+J    Teleport to cursor position
CTRL+K    Creature under cursor kick out party
CTRL+M    (Followed by ENTER) Debug Dump
CTRL+Q    Creature under cursor joins party
CTRL+R    Heals character under cursor
CTRL+S    Select avatar animation
CTRL+X    Extended position information
CTRL+Y    Kills creature under cursor

Using the Console
Adds the gold specified by <int> to the party.
Adds the spell specified by <string> to the selected character, <int> times.
<string> also accepts value of "wizard", "cleric" and "all", which will add all the spells of the respective class to the selected character.
Displays the variable specified by <string1> (of type <string2>).
Creates the item specified by <string>. The parameters control the amount/charges of the item.
Enables (1) or disables (0) cheat keys, based on the value of <int>.
Explores the current area.
Creatres 5 healing potions , 5 antidotes, and 1 Scroll Of Stone To Flesh.
Command fails due to lack of potn08.itm, potn20.itm and scrlpet.itm files.
Teleports the selected characters to the mousepointer.
Summons a cyclops that attacks enemies.
Command does not work due to lack of jeffk.cre file.
Summons a cyclops that defends the party.
Command does not work due to lack of jeffk2.cre file.
Adds 500 GP to party.
Move the selected characters to the area specified by <string>.
Sets the chapter to <int>.
Sets the XP of the selected character to <int>.
Sets the variable specified by <string1> (of type <string2>) to the value of <int>