Character creation

  • The engine rolls 3d6 for every score. If the total of all six attributes totals less than 75, they're re-rolled.
  • For stats with minimums, 3d6 is rolled until a value over the minimum is attained. In other words, scores below the minimum are discarded, not adjusted to the minimum.
  • At least on EE games, you can colorize the name of your character when you're asked to enter one.
    The game comes with several predefined colors which can be selected by prefixing the name with ^X where X is one of the characters (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,R,G,M or $) and closing it with the two characters ^-.
    For arbitrary colors you can use the long form, which takes a hexadecimal number in place of a simple X. Format is ^0xAABBGGRR where AA=alpha/transparency (and should always be FF), BB=blue, GG=green and RR=red color component. Again, the color definition ends with ^-.
    • ^RCharname^- uses one of the predefined colors for a red "Charname".
    • ^0xFFFFDF00Charname^- creates a golden "Charname".
    • ^0xFFFF00FFCharname^- creates a purple "Charname".
    By the way, you aren't limited to a single color. It is possible to colorize every single letter of the name, as long as the total length doesn't exceed 32 characters. It really only makes sense to use predefined colors though, since a single arbitrary color definition would already reduce available name length by 13 characters.